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BCS Innovations offers specially designed medical devices

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BCS Innovations  specialises in offering a range of electronic and software products for various fields including the medical field. The team of researchers and developers at BCS Innovations have created unique and technologically advanced medical equipment that are used for a wide variety of testing procedures.

The BetaChek G5 Blood Glucose Meter from BCS Innovations was developed for National Diagnostic products. BCS Innovations not only created the electronic design for the glucose meter but also designed the computer software, optics design, device firmware, algorithm development, link with the industrial designer and also the management of the final device manufacturing procedure.

This product received the Australian Design award of the year and also the Powerhouse Museum Selection award. BCS Innovations also developed the BCS Nephelometer that is used for measurement of turbidity in water and liquids in various medical applications. The TruScan Cancer probe is a portable system from BCS Innovations that is used to directly identify cancerous or pre cancerous cells in the cervical tissue.

The TruScan Cancer probe is a much better alternative to the conventional Pap smear diagnostic method. The Nanosonics Ultrasound Probe Disinfector is yet another innovation by BCS Innovations that is used with ultrasound transducers. The closed unit device disinfects the probe within five minutes and does not create any hazardous by-products.

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