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Construction bulletins and SMS alert services from BCI Australia

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BCI Australia  offers SMS alert service. This can be used when the clients are running behind a crucial project and needs to know as soon as the tender dates have been set, the architects have been appointed or a main contract has been awarded. The BCI alert facility from BCI Australia alerts the clients as when any important event occurs that interests the client. Alerts are sent as text messages regarding new consultants, new status or new details. The BCI SMS facility can be switched off in case the clients are in some meetings or conferences, which further facilitates the clients.

BCI Australia offers construction bulletins that help the clients to find out details regarding the business opportunities in any region or project category. These bulletins are also an affordable option. The bulletins from BCI Australia will be sent to the clients on every Friday through the publishing-on-demand department. The clients can use the BCI e-bulletin facility that comes with a free user name and a password. This gives the clients access to the latest projects online and makes sure that the clients do not moss any short term projects, project updates or tender dates.

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