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Business solutions for construction industry from BCI Australia

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As a member company of the BCI Group, BCI Australia is said to be one of the leading providers of construction information. It offers this service across various countries including many parts of Asia and China. BCI Australia and BCI Group, together strive to offer quality services and solutions to the clients without compromising on the quality. Currently, BCI Australia is serving more than 3000 clients which are companies in the construction sector. Established in the year 2002, BCI Australia provides a wide range of construction services to the clients.

Customer service is given utmost importance by BCI Australia and hence it strives to provide complete business solutions which includes after sales service. For this purpose, a client liaison team has been created by BCI Australia. The client services offered by BCI Australia have various aspects such as fair and transparent pricing, training commitment, constructive selling, implemented oriented approach and so on. the client liaison team is empowered with various responsibilities such providing training to all the users of BCI Australia’s online services, providing the client feedback to BCI Australia and serving as the ambassadors of BCI Australia to the organisation of the clients.

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