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MX3-CE mobile computers available from BCDS Identification Technologies

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LXE has declared that Toll Logistics Food & Beverages have completed an implementation of LXE wireless mobile computers at their ACI Glass distribution facility at St Marys.

Covering a total of 65,000 square metres of indoor storage space, the LXE system, implemented by LXE partner Bar Code Data Systems (BCDS), provides real-time data communications capabilities to Toll Logistics staff.


“Wireless data communications and data capture gives us the platform to manage our operations efficiently, which is especially important for such a large site,” comments Jimmy Lee, Business Solutions Project Manager for Toll Logistics Food & Beverages.

“The LXE system proposed by BCDS had a couple of features that really set it apart from other solutions we looked at.”

Cost effective:

The wireless LAN commissioned by BCDS to support the LXE computers comprises of 11 Cisco AP1200 access points, paired with LXE’s Spire antenna.

Using the Spire antenna, BCDS engineers were able to design a solution that reduced the number of access points needed to provide full radio coverage, giving Toll Logistics Food & Beverages both equipment and installation cost savings.


While the St Marys site is a pallet-in, pallet-out operation, Toll operators often need to leave their fork-lift trucks to record details of processes such as stretch wrapping pallets.

LXE’s MX3-CE hybrid mobile computer is used by Toll Logistics in conjunction with a rugged vehicle mounted bracket. The MX3-CE can be “popped-out” of the bracket and used as a hand-held computer away from the vehicle.

Once the operator is ready to resume work on the fork-lift truck, the MX3-CE can be snapped securely back in the bracket to function once again as a vehicle mounted computer.

“The dual-purpose nature of the MX3-CE computer means that we can capture details of all the operations within the facility including those performed remote from vehicles. This would simply not have been possible with a traditional vehicle mounted computer,” explains Jimmy Lee.

“An added bonus is that the MX3-CE was also favourably priced when compared to other vehicle mounted computers.”


The 10 MX3-CE mobile computers in use at ACI Glass in St Marys are integrated with Toll Logistics’ warehouse management system using the LXE RFTerm terminal emulation software.

The MX3-CE computers available from BCDS Identification Technologies are equipped with hi-contrast monodisplays and are sealed against dust and water, making them also suitable for outdoor operation in all conditions.

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