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article image The transportation of Harben sewer cleaning equipment.

THE Harben range of sewer cleaning equipment is world-renowned as the most reliable and durable mid sized sewer jetters available on the international market. They are available from the BAR Group .

Available from the BAR Group, the range comes in trailer or skid-mounted versions, which suits mounting in vans or on trucks.

The feature of the Harben product and major reason for its success is their 'bomb proof’ pump design.

The Harben Radial Piston Diaphragm pump is a unique design that offers many substantial advantages over conventional piston/plunger pumps.

Features include:

* Able to ‘run dry’ indefinitely without damage

* Pumps run on poor quality water such as seawater, recycled water or raw water without damage or reducing component life

* Radial multi cylinder design allows the use of Harben's unique Jump Jet attachment, which dramatically increases sewer cleaning speed and doubles effective cleaning range to over 200m by introducing a pulsating action down the line

* Diaphragm design isolates mechanical components from pumped fluid contributing to unrivalled reliability and continuous running ability.

Harben is a very popular choice with municipalities, major water authorities and professional sewer cleaning contractors, with dozens of machines in operation in Australia.

The most popular model is the Harben 3516, which delivers 55L/min at up to 3500psi – this easily handles sewer mains up to 300mm in diameter.

For larger sewer and storm water mains, the new Harben Hi Q model has a maximum flow of 90L/min and maximum pressure of 4000psi.

The Harben product range is manufactured in the UK by the Flowplant Group, who are one of the major suppliers of high pressure water jetting and sewer cleaning equipment, with 40 years experience in this field.

Like most sewer jetting machines, the Harben sewer cleaners are classified as Class B machines under AS/NZ Standard 4233.1:1999 High pressure water (hydro) jetting systems - Part 1 Guidelines for safe operation and maintenance.

BAR Group provides accredited, certified operator training in the safe operation and maintenance of Harben sewer cleaners with every machine.

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