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New van pack is available from Bar Group

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Bar Group is the distributor for the new Mk1V van pack from Flowplant. Through clever use of the new materials Flowplant designers have been able to reduce the weight of its popular 4012 model by a staggering 25%.

In practical terms this means that customers now enjoy an additional payload of 180Kg and even with 340 litres of water onboard the van pack tips the scales at less than 1000Kg.

Harben Sales manager, Nigel Ayres, says “The issue of all up weight has been a major talking point with our customers for some time now. They don’t want to compromise on the traditional Flowplant build quality but neither do they want to be forced into larger trucks or vans that require a specific license. With the new Mk1V van pack they have the best of both worlds”.

The new van pack is built around the revolutionary Harben radial-piston diaphragm pump that offers variable pressure and flow rates without piston changes in a compact and lightweight package with a high power-to-weight ratio.

As there are no piston seals in Harben pumps, the pumps can run dry without causing damage to the pump. Harben pumps can even pump sea water without modification, with filtration to only 150 micron.

The Mk1V packs a powerful 42 horsepower punch, which is more than enough to deliver 4000psi and upto 54 l/min.

With specially designed plastic water tank and full hose reel hydraulics it is a rugged machine capable of delivering reliable performance over many years.

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