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Domestic pressure cleaner with brass pump

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article image The Bar KSM1480 Cleaner

THE BAR Group P/L has released a new domestic Pressure Cleaner specifically designed for those users who have poor quality water feeding into their home. The KSM1480 Extra is fitted with a Brass Pump, which is very unusual for Pressure Cleaners being promoted to home users and the DIY market.

Many users of water pressure cleaners in areas of states such as Queensland and Western Australia have long suffered the problem of their poor quality water quickly causing the standard aluminium pump to corrode and prematurely fail. The solution until now has been to pay hundreds of dollars more for a high pressure cleaner rated for the Professional market.

The Italian manufactured KSM1480 Extra is similar in appearance to the very popular domestic model KSM1350 Extra. The difference is the upgraded performance to 2030Psi at 8.0 l/minute and the addition of a brass rather than aluminium pump. An aluminium pump is common for most models sold at this price.

This machine comes compete with a Hose Reel, 7m of hose and 3 different nozzle types as standard, including turbo, foam and vario. The machine frame is an upright style with two wheels, making it very portable.

B.A.R. Group has a full range of electric pressure cleaners and petrol washers available. It also has available an extensive range of high pressure hot water pressure cleaners, industrial pressure cleaners and sewer cleaning equipment available.

An overview of the options available are shown on the website, or available by contacting them for help to select a machine to best suit any pressure cleaning needs.

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