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THE complete Elsea range of high quality commercial and industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners are now available in Australia through BAR Group .

Manufactured in Italy, the Elsea range is 20% quieter and runs 20% cooler than most leading brands of commercial vacuum cleaners due to their unique motor casing design.

The option of heavy duty copolymer or stainless steel canisters from 18L through to 77L capacity is offered in 1, 2 and 3 motor variants up to 3300W to tackle the biggest of cleaning jobs.

Many Elsea vacuum cleaner models are available with optional HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that trap particles as small as 0.3μ.

Considering human lungs retain all particles larger than 5μ, HEPA filters are ideal for asthmatics and those people suffering from allergies or where fine dusts and pollens etc are present.

Several models are available with electric or pneumatic power heads, which are ideal for use with power tools such as wall chasers and routers that are fitted with vacuum extraction adapters. This simplifies operation of the tool by automatically starting the vacuum cleaner whenever the power tool is started.

Carpet and upholstery extractor models are also available, with inbuilt chemical injectors, in sizes from 1400W to 3300W, plus ‘outrigger’ suction arms, which are designed to quickly vacuum large floor areas.

Elsea vacuum cleaners suit a wide range of applications including usage in workshops, vehicle detailing, hospitality, warehouse, industrial, commercial and construction cleaning.

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