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BAR Group releases pressure cleaner for abattoir

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BAR Group was recently approached by a local abattoir to develop a solution to an ongoing problem during the slaughtering process. They were looking for a more effective way of removing hair from the leg shank (from hoof towards the knee).

The abattoir needed a machine that was capable of constant use, designed up to food standard and able to be used by more than one operator at the same time.

BAR designed and recommended a purpose built high pressure water cleaner to solve the problem.

The unit has the following performance:

  • Pressure: 3600Psi
  • Flow: 33 litres / minute
  • Electric motor: 18.5Kw
  • Header tank: 400 Litres
BAR used 2 by Comet Premium series piston pumps, 2 by EMT 4 Phase electric motors and a series of Mecannica Veneta turbo nozzles in the build process. Two different operators are able to use the machine at the same time.

The abattoir was pleased with the solution and has since asked BAR Group to construct a similar unit with four workstations rather than two for another plant.

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