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BAR Group releases Scout 150 hot water pressure washer

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BAR Group has released a new hot water pressure washer specifically designed for the light industrial / commercial user who has been scared off by the price of several hot water units.

Using a hot water pressure washer is a effective solution for removing oil, grease or any other heat reactive substance that a traditional cold water pressure washer will not clean. The problem has been the step up in price from cold water to a hot water pressure washer. BAR has recognised this and developed the cost effective Scout 150 for the user who did not wish to pay for the more expensive hot water models available.

Supplied with a high pressure pump manufactured by Comet of Italy, this machine looks great and is fitted with only the finest of components inside. The Scout 150 is an electric powered pressure washer delivering 9 l/min. at 2175 Psi. The water is heated from an enclosed burner that fires from diesel supplied through an inbuilt 13 litre tank. The Scout is supplied ready to go and includes 10m of hose, a 700mm gun/ lance kit, delayed burner start and an in-built 13litre detergent tank. The Scout is powered by a 240v motor and has a 15 amp power plug for electrical safety.

For the Scout 150, the hot water is doing the cleaning, so flow and pressure ratings are not as critical as is the case for cold water pressure washers.

This Scout 150 machine is ideal for the light user wishing to clean construction equipment, car detailing or any application needing the removal of oil and grease.

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