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article image BAC Storage Walls allow easy access to stock.

BAC Systems has been producing its unique drawer storage systems for 30 years, establishing an excellent reputation for quality, design and performance.

Experience in design and innovation has placed BAC Systems at the forefront of Australian designers and manufacturers of high-quality storage equipment.

BAC Systems is 100% Australian owned and operated and sets a benchmark for the Australian manufacturing industry.

All BAC products are manufactured at the Sydney premises, covering more than 11,000m2 of purpose-built floor and office space. Here, high volume production enables BAC Systems to provide customers with a world class product together with excellent value and service. Astute innovation, quality and production control are hallmarks of BAC Systems.

Today, BAC Systems is proud to manufacture the most refined drawer storage products available - the patented BAC Storage Modules.

BAC drawer storage modules can offer up to 70% floor space savings on existing layouts. Inventory control is simplified and streamlined, contamination control is enforced.

High-density storage keeps fast-moving line items at hand with maximum efficiency. Applying a BAC stores layout can provide access to a few thousand line items on just a few square metres of floor space.

BAC modules can be used as singular units or as "building blocks" to create customised space-saving stores or complete warehouse fitouts.

Small parts - less than the size of a shoe box - are kept in drawers, while larger parts are stored on shelves.

BAC modules can be fastened together sideways and can be stacked vertically to create BAC Storage Walls with drawers and shelves. In such cases, Stockpickers allow for convenient access to stock.

Since each application has a different solution, BAC provides a free advisory service to assist with devising the optimal drawer layouts and shelf selections.

BAC drawers are precision engineered and fully extendable. They are available in various heights and standardised sizes for all modules.

BAC drawers have slotted sidewalls to accommodate partitions and dividers for drawer subdivision.

BAC drawer floors are perforated to allow the fitting of partitioning screws, drawerposts, toolbars and CNC containers. A full range of BAC plastic bins is also available.

These accessory items allow drawers to be subdivided for maximum utilisation, with up to 216 or more locations per drawer.

Drawer partitions, dividers and plastic bins are fitted at the BAC factory before dispatch.

For customers requiring additional modules, BAC Modules can be pre-loaded and labelled for use in satellite store applications.

The combination of various drawer sizes with adjustable shelf space and display panelling allows for unprecedented versatility.

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