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BAC drawer storage modules protect parts against dust

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The dust control drawer storage modules from BAC Systems are designed to prevent the problem of dust in parts storage.

Dust build-up on parts is a major problem for parts managers all over the world, caused by exposure to dirt, carbon rich exhaust, or wearing concrete. Dust control programs are required to regularly clean out the dust from parts, involving additional and wasteful labour costs.

The BAC dust control drawer storage modules are designed as a pre-emptive dust prevention solution, with the patented dust control drawers offering real protection from dust build-up, saving time and money on reactionary cleaning.

BAC high density drawer storage modules have long been recognised as one of the most efficient and durable means to store all small to medium parts in a really tiny footprint to minimise allocated storage floor space as well as picking times.

The BAC dust control drawers have been adopted by the heavy automotive industry as the benchmark for proper contamination control, and have now been successfully introduced into mines where the ambient dust levels are extremely high.

Key features of BAC dust control parts storage drawers:

  • Embedded dust shield fully encloses the drawers, protecting parts from costly dust build-up
  • Protects parts from the dust outside the cabinet
  • Prevents dust being drawn into the cabinet by the drawer motion

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