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Benders and shears from B. R. Reeve Engineering

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B.R. Reeve Engineering  provides workshop equipment such as bar benders and shears. The benders product portfolio of B.R. Reeve Engineering comprises bar benders and rod benders. Bar benders are available in three models (1B, 2B and 21/2B). B.R. Reeve Engineering’s bar benders are suitable for all general purpose bending, especially of square, flat and round material. B.R. Reeve Engineering also provides rod benders as part of its workshop equipment portfolio.

The 1b and 2b bar bender models comprise a fast-acting cam type locking block to enable fast clamping.

Different angles of both of these models are made by using a flexible angle bending pad and stop. The weight of the model 1b bar bender is 13 kg. The model 2b bar bender is larger than model 1b and made of cast steel for high strength. The weight of the 2b model bar bender is 29 kg.

The 2 1/2b model bar bender is different in that its screwing vice is of jaw type. This arrangement firmly holds the substance to be bent. The jaws are spring loaded for easy operation. The weight of this bar bender model is 68 kg.

Rod benders available from B.R. Reeve Engineering are said to provide for all factory and workshop requirements. The 41b model rod bender has a handling radius bending made of steel. There are many rollers formed at 3”-5” inside diameter bends.

B.R. Reeve Engineering’s metal shears are available as rod cutters and sheet metal shears. The steel cast body of the metal shears ensures accurate cutting of sheet metal in workshops.

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