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B&R adds flameproof enclosures and explosion proof lighting to hazardous area equipment
17.04.2012 - B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd has added new lines of flameproof enclosures and explosion proof lighting to its range of hazardous area equipment.
B&R Enclosures presents cost-effective 19-inch wall racks for computer equipment
16.04.2012 - Ausrack Wall onyX is a new and cost effective range of durable wall-mount cabinets for use in small networking applications.
B&R introduces new Forte FR off-the-shelf steel enclosures
13.04.2012 - B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd has recently introduced a new range of off-the-shelf steel enclosures suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
Ausrack Floor onyX from B&R Enclosures
12.04.2012 - Ausrack Floor onyX is a stylish 19” cabinet designed for standalone applications in an office or data cupboard/closet.
Outdoor Enclosures for Electronic Equipment from B&R Enclosures
11.04.2012 - The Field FC enclosure is designed to protect electronic equipment in outdoor or isolated locations. It has an IP66 protection rating and features specifically to minimise vandalism.
B&R Enclosures offers Ausrack CQr 19 inch security cabinets for Class C and Class B applications
24.10.2011 - Now stocked by B&R Enclosures, Ausrack CQr security cabinets have been designed for use in high security applications, offering a choice of Class C or Class B protection.
New rail signalling enclosures developed by B&R Enclosures for Australian rail projects
11.08.2011 - B&R Enclosures are pleased to announce the release of their new rail signalling enclosure, an Australian made enclosure designed for Australian rail operators and manufactured for the toughest of cond
Polynova PN general purpose enclosures available from B&R Enclosures
28.06.2011 - Now available from B&R Enclosures, Polynova PN general purpose enclosures are hinged IP66, non-metallic enclosures that have an easy to use latch assembly.
Range of plastic electrical enclosures from B&R Enclosures
21.04.2011 - B&R Enclosures offer plastic electrical enclosures in a range of sizes rated up to IP66.
B&R Enclosures offer Polynova PJ series thermoplastic electrical enclosures
20.09.2010 - Polynova PJ electrical enclosures, available from B&R Enclosures, are manufactured from modular thermoplastic, and have been designed to house terminations and electrical components.
Texa FAN ventilation units from B&R Enclosures
17.09.2010 - Designed to compliment its range of enclosures, Texa FAN ventilation units supplied by B&R Enclosures are reversible, and feature air flow capacities from 57 to 580m³/h.
B&R Enclosures offers Hedland PH electrical and electronics enclosures
16.09.2010 - Hedland PH electrical and electronics enclosures, supplied by B&R Enclosures, are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, and feature a 15 degree sloping roof and IP66 certified performance.
FJB series hazardous area enclosures from B&R Enclosures
15.09.2010 - Supplied by B&R Enclosures, the FTBA series of hazardous area enclosures has been designed for use in hazardous areas with the most demanding conditions.
B&R Enclosures offers Australian-Made Enclosures Built for Australian Conditions
06.09.2010 - B&R Enclosures is an Australian-owned company that has manufacturing plants in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney employing over 300 people nationwide.
B&R Enclosures donate to Cancer Council Queensland
22.01.2009 - B&R Enclosures have donated over 65% of the total cost of their Christmas cards to Cancer Council Queensland as part of their 2008 Christmas Card Programme.
Low voltage switchboard building enclosures from B&R Enclosures
04.07.2008 - Signature SE range of low voltage switchboard building enclosures has recently successfully been tested at 690V 50kA 50Hz on motor starters, MCCB feeders, ACB incomer and feeder and combined switch fuses.
B&R Enclosures to use Manhattan ILS
18.04.2008 - Manhattan Associates has announced that B&R Enclosures has selected Manhattan ILS - Integrated Logistics Solutions, built on Microsoft.NET, to run its six distribution facilities across Australia.
B&R introduces aluminium switchboard building enclosure
26.03.2008 - B&R Enclosures has released a new range of aluminium switchboard building enclosures.
B&R Enclosures’ new project helps reduce water consumption
14.09.2007 - B&R undertook a 6 month project to reduce water consumption almost a year ago, and after running with the results has found an overall reduction of over 50%.
B&R Enclosures win national award for excellence
04.09.2007 - On the 22 August B&R Enclosures became the winner of the 2007 Minister’s Awards for Excellence for Employers of Australian Apprenticeships in the Adelaide region, at a gala event in Melbourne.
B&R’s automated manufacturing systems used for reducing pumping stations capital and operating costs
02.03.2007 - Pumping station switchboards can be expensive both to purchase and to run, but Coffs Harbour City Council have found a way to dramatically reduce costs, while at the same time solving OH&S issues. With B&R’s automated manufacturing systems, Coffs Har
Three more non-metallic enclosures available from B&R
23.11.2006 - B&R have now added three new products to their non-metallic range of enclosures. The new Polynova PC, PS & PN are all cost effective IP66 enclosures, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Free server rack design tool
01.02.2006 - B&R Enclosures’ Ausrack ID is a next generation web program that is quick, highly interactive, and will cut hours off the time it takes to configure a server rack. Designing a server rack system couldn't be easier - just select the type of rack, the
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