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STRn on-line waste water monitor system available from B-R Controls

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B-R Controls has released Anton Paar STRn continuous on-line trade waste monitoring system for concentration measurement of liquid trade waste. STRn on-line trade waste monitoring system is an economical alternative to manual testing and avoids the ongoing labour and analysis cost of manual testing.

The STRn system uses established sound velocity principle to determine concentration of trade waste components.

The STRn system can provide readout of the concentration of several binary liquids (sugar, alcohol, acids, starch, dissolved / suspended solids and chemicals) and can be connected to a PLC or other alarm system.

STRn system can be easily installed in an existing trade discharge line or pit. Alak Jha, product manager for B-R Controls says: “To avoid expensive fines, many companies are now looking at an economical in-line continuous monitoring system of their trade waste. Fines often run into in the tens of thousands of dollars so there is a good reason to avoid discharging trade waste with components beyond the agreed limits.

“Further, water companies like Sydney Water provide a rebate when a continuous monitoring system is installed, providing a further incentive for operations and environmental managers too literally “clean up their act on trade waste”.

The STRn responds in within seconds to a concentration upset so the trade waste can be diverted to a holding pit for further analysis and treatment.

The signal from the STRn can be trended using the customer’s control system / SCADA or with just a simple chart recorder.

This provides the water company with concrete evidence about the concentration levels in the discharged water.

Another advantage of the Anton Paar STRn is that continuous monitoring of the trade waste concentration the user can save money by evaluating the results over time.

Alak Jha says: “Users of the STRn start to realise how many process upsets they have and how much of valuable chemical goes down the drain, using the STRn they can determine what improvements they should make to their production process to stop the waste”.

The STRn is available with a range of process connections and options for remote (dial-up) alarms exist.

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