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article image Figure 4. Alcohol monitor: mPDS 2000V3 and DPRn 427 I.

THE alcohol monitoring system from Anton Paar is one of the most accurate on-line density transducer on the market that continuously measures the density, % H2O, and alcohol (ethanol) concentration.

Available from B-R Controls , the system consists of a density transducer DPRn 427(I) and an mPDS evaluation unit.

Its high accuracy and reliability ensure efficient quality control and product monitoring of the ethanol concentration at the rectifier column (190 Proof) and condenser (200 Proof) as a quality control check.

How is the density measured?

The DPRn 427(I) transducer contains an oscillating U-tube system. It is excited and kept oscillating at its resonant frequency by two coils and an electronic circuit (see Fig. 3).

The oscillation period and sample temperature are measured and transferred to an evaluation unit (mPDS 2000V3) for data processing.

Alcohol monitor - features at a glance

* High resolution and repeatability up to 0.01% w/w (90 to 100%).

* Short response time (< 1 sec.).

* Robust IP65 housing.

* Intrinsically safe to EEx ia IIC T6 (optional).

* Wetted parts made of Hastelloy C276.

System configuration

* DPRn 427 intrinsically safe density transducer.

* mPDS 2000V3 evaluation unit.

* IPS 501 intrinsically safe barrier.

* Alcohol software: % alcohol, % H2O, temperature, density, Proof.

Measuring range


* 0 to 100% (v/v) or (w/w)

* 0 to 200 Proof


* -25 to 125 °C

Accuracy & repeatability:


* 0.00005 g/cm3 / 0.00001 g/cm3


* 0.05 / 0.02% w/w (0 - 100%)

* 0.03 / 0.0% w/w (90-100%)

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