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MES application for production monitoring

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B-R Controls has developed an MES (management execution system) called the Shop Floor System in conjunction with one of its clients that has a large aluminium processing plant.

The plant processes 150,000 tonnes of new and recycled aluminium a year with more than 3000 different products.

It consists of a number of processing centres that perform tasks such as heating, soaking, rolling, annealing, milling, slitting, pressing, cutting, etc.

The developed Shop Floor System provides an advanced system for production management and production monitoring. The SFS MES application replaced a mostly manual tracking and route selection system.

The SFS MES system provides several functions including: real-time inventory tracking of all coil lots in the factory, tracking of the processing status, integrating the JIT inventory management, providing operator interfaces to select coils for processing, automatic availability of the particular machine pass, audit trail of production cycle, plant performance data to the management via the WAN.

The SFS MES system uses the ability of SQL Server database. Citect and Visual Basic manipulate a list of coils for operator selection and processing using queries and ADO/ODBC calls.

The SFS provides ERP system integration by connecting to the clients JIT (just in Time) production planning system that schedules all production.

The SFS MES system provides a unique level of integration between the plant's process control systems, operations support systems and corporate systems to optimise the use of the plant's assets and resources.

The financial benefits are: improved delivery times, reduce inventory, reduce waste, increase productivity.

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