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Carbo2100 MVE Online CO2 Analyser from B-R Controls

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The Anton Paar has expanded its range of Carbo2100 on-line CO2 analysers with the new Carbo2100 MVE for applications where a high content of foreign gases is present in the beverage.

Anton Paar has released the CARBO 2100 MVE Online CO2 Analyser for beverages with high content of other gases like oxygen or nitrogen. The CARBO2100 MVE (Multiple Volume Expansion) is an extension of the highly successful range of CARBO CO2 analysers for the beverage industry.

The CARBO2100 MVE eliminates the influence of the other gases by a patented multiple volume expansion (MVE) method.

Consistent and accurate CO2 content is one of the main quality factors in the production of beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks and mineral water. In combination with other dissolved gases not only the taste, but also product safety might be affected.

Consumers are continually demanding more consistent beverage quality at lower cost. This can be attained if breweries and bottling companies run at optimum quality levels from the first to the last minute of production.

Fast and accurate online CO2 analysers for monitoring and controlling the beverage production process are an essential prerequisite for accommodating such demands.

Measuring principle

The manometric principle based on Henry’s law has been optimised for accuracy and velocity and forms the basis for Anton Paar’s patented Multiple Volume Expansion method, used to great advantage in Carbo 2100 MVE: No drift through membrane ageing, no time-consuming calibration, no use of purge gas.

By measuring the equilibrium pressures and the temperature of the sampled beverage at two different volume expansions, the CO2 content and content of other gases are simultaneously determined.

The influence of other gases on the CO2 measurement is completely compensated. Therefore, the CARBO 2100 MVE is especially useful for carbonated beverages with high content of other gases such as nitrogen or oxygen.

Other features

  • Requires only electrical power and instrument air to operate (no purge gases required)
  • Drift-free measuring principle (requires no periodic re-adjustments)
  • Short measuring cycles
  • High accuracy
  • Measurement of dissolved gases
  • Suitable for aseptic applications
  • Robust design
  • Suitable for all beverages: softdrink, beer, wine, RTD's, carbonated water
  • Low maintenance

Carbo2100 MVE is available from B-R Controls.

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