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Applikon on-line wet chemistry analysers available from B-R Controls

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Applikon range of on-line analysers, available from, B-R Controls, is used to determine the concentration of chemical components in process and wastewater streams. Measurement principles include: colorimetry, titrimetry (pH or mV) and Ion Selective Electrode measurement.

Applikon on-line wet chemistry analysers are designed for the harsh process environment and as such are reliable (up time over 99%), accurate and low maintenance. Another significant advantage is the low reagent consumption (1L/month in most cases) as opposed to other analysers that can use up to 10L per month. This leads to reduced chemical costs and an overall low cost of ownership.

Applikon on-line wet chemistry analysers can provide for mA outputs as well as alarm relay contacts of the desired parameter and provide for automatic calibration as well as cleaning to ensure the measurement accuracy.

The main features which differentiate the Applikon analysers from several other suppliers is the wide range of chemical parameters available for measurement and the accuracy and low detection limits achievable due to the precision burette sample delivery and calibrated reagent pump.

The analysers are available in three forms:

  • Alert 2004 colorimeter, ISE analyser
  • 201Y series colorimeter, titrimeter, ISE analysers
  • 2040 multiparameter analyser (combination of methodologies)

The Applikon analysers are modular and can be customised to suit a particular application. The flagship 2040 model provides for either one or multiple analyses and the instrument can be configured to measure a combination of parameters simultaneously.

This provides for a compact multiparameter analyser and ensures sampling and piping costs are reduced.

The 201Y and Alert series analysers provide for a cost effective measurement of single parameters in both process and waste water streams. The Alert is a compact low cost analyser which utilises either ion selective electrode or colorimetry as the analysis methodology.

The 201Y series analysers are also available in ion selective electrode and colorimetry models and add titrimetry to expand upon the number of measurable parameters available.

The 201Y series analysers also provide additional features and are generally available with lower detection limits for many analyses for higher precision measurements.

Auxiliary filter systems as well as chemical cleaning pumps and dilution units can also be supplied to further expand the capabilities of the Applikon analysers.

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