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Vertical mixers and silo unloaders from B Keogh & Sons Manufacturing

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B Keogh & Sons Manufacturing  provides vertical mixers which are used for mixing grains, minerals, powdered products. These vertical mixers are available in various capacities ranging from 2.5 metre cube to 12 metre cube. Vertical mixers come with painted and hot dip galvanised finishes.

Vertical mixers from B Keogh & Sons Manufacturing include cast taper-lock pulleys on the main drive, liquid supplement ring and fittings. There is a side auger and hopper and it is driven up to zero maintenance worm drive gear box.

Vertical mixers can be pre assembled and it is made from 3mm steel sheet for walls and cones. Internal and external ladders, triple seal bearings at the bottom shaft are also fitted to these vertical mixers. Vertical mixers are widely used in the production of fowl, dairy and pig feed and is also used for seed mixing.

Silo Unloaders help in covering on farm storage to commercial applications. Silo Unloaders are built in such a way that they suit both MEC and Smorgan Cyclone silos. Silo Unloaders from B Keogh & Sons Manufacturing are available in basic, heavy basic, commercial and heavy duty agricultural models.

Commercial range of agricultural model is designed for grain turnover and long duty cycles and it comes with geared motors on sweep augers and sub floor augers. Commercial units are gas sealed and have an outlet sealing cap and head stand. The diameters range from 250mm to 350mm and they suit silo diameters of 9.4 metres to 18.3 metres.

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