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Resistors and other electronic products from Aztronics

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Electronic components are imported and distributed by Aztronics . Aztronics caters electronic products for hobbyists, students and professionals alike.

Aztronics offers wide range of services including trade sales counter service, telephone customer service desk service, fixed annual contract pricing scheduled orders service, prototype parts procurement service and maintenance parts, bill of material procurement service pcb prototype and production assembly services.

Aztronics offers resistors which come in various colours. Resistor decreases the flow of current by itself to a calculatable value. This value is calculated base on the voltage applied and its resistance.

Resistor is used to run a device which requires low voltage from high voltage power supplier unit. Resistors are not sensitive to polarity. Tolerance of the resistor is 5 and 1 percent. The 555 timer from Aztronics is a versatile device. This 555 timer works in monostable mode and runs at user set frequency. The power supplied is between 4.5 V and 16 V DC.

Aztronics also supplies various other electronic components including potentiometers and counting dials, semiconductors, discrete devices and integrated circuits, optoelectronics and indicators, panel meters - PCB fabrication and prototyping, storage systems, soldering and desoldering equipment.

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