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Dual baluns and modular balun panels from Azton Technologies

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Azton Technologies  also provides dual baluns and modular panels. Dual baluns convert coaxial interfaces into twisted pair signals.

Dual baluns are constructed using shielded materials and are used as stand alone. The overall enclosure dimensions are 50x 44 x 20 millimetres. Other features of dual baluns include return loss < -26dB, insertion loss < 0.15dB, compliance to ITU G.703 requirements, data rates up to 155Mbit/s.

Dual baluns are available in a wide range of models including dual balun E1/E2, 2-8Mbit/s, 75/120Ω, coaxial to twisted pair, dual balun E1/E2/E3, 2-8-34Mbit/s, 75/120Ω, coaxial to twisted pair and dual Balun T1, 1.54Mbit/s, 75/100Ω.

Dual balun E1/E2, coaxial to twisted pair is small in size. It has Teflon coaxial insulators. This type of dual balun converts G.703 E1 or E2 pair from unbalanced 75 ohms coaxial to a balanced 120 ohms twisted transmission. It is a bi directional device and requires no external power. It is designed to use along with Azton modular balun panel.

Modular balun panels from Azton Technologies houses up to 20 balun modules. These modular panels are partially populated and can be expanded when required. It is usually loaded along with mixed module types. Modular balun panels are available in zinc sealed steel or in the form of black powder coats.

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