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Axsellit confidential business suite from Axsellit Inc.

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Axsellit confidential business suite from Axsellit Inc. helps in saving all the information and also monitors information which is present in the system. This software is updated uniformly.

Axsellit confidential business suite is a security package which contains spam blocker solution for outlook, an anti spy solution and my privacy.

Axsellit anti spy is used to remove advert displaying, monitoring and spying programs from the system. This Antispy spy ware database is updated uniformly to offer protection from old and new spy ware threats. Axsellit Antispy helps in minimising home page hijacks, pop ups, search problems and key stroke logging.

SpamBlocker helps in filtering spam from outlook email application. With SpamBlocker one can automatically identify and move spam mails to the spam folder created. It also sees to that only legitimate mail is reached to the inbox.

SpamBlocker immediately scans mails when they reache the process folder. SpamBlocker plugin gets updated automatically and it uses keywords in the domain, message header and message body.

My Privacy process includes cleaning up the IE histories, deleting of temporary files from internet, managing of cookies and clearing the list of files used recently from one particular location. This process can also be used to clear up the search text, windows run, media player, recent file, find files and URL list menus.

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