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AXO WM408 Mobile document shredding truck from AXO

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The first mobile shredding truck supplied by AXO Shredders to Latvian market began in operation in late 2006.

Shredrej, a new start-up mobile shredding firm is based in Riga, the capital of Latvia. In the same week AXO also supplied a mobile shredding truck to a company in Warsaw, Poland.

Mobile shredding is relatively new to Latvia and Poland, which like many countries in Europe these markets are witnessing a rising demand for on-site shredding.

Both companies selected the AXO WM408 mobile document shredding truck mounted on the DAF LF45 12 Ton GVW cab-chassis.

In the field operators of the AXO WM408 model report shredding 1,000kgs of waste office paper per hour and a shredded paper payload capacity of up to 4,000kgs.

While the larger AXO WM608 model shreds quicker and has a greater payload capacity, the AXO WM408 model is popular with new entrants to the mobile shredding industry and is especially popular throughout Europe.

Mobile shredding truck demonstrations:

With the rise in demand for mobile shredding, many companies and individual entrepreneurs contact AXO to request to see a truck in action.

Walking floor or AXO rollout discharge conveyor:

In recent times some vendors of mobile shredding trucks have elected to switch from tipper unloading systems to fixed body discharge systems.

Tipping has several disadvantages and it is no surprise there is a decline in the use of this type of system.

AXO have for a number of years supplied a conveyor discharge system and feels its system stacks up well against others. The AXO rollout discharge conveyor can unload in minutes, giving a quick truck turnaround time.

Through an intensive process of refinement the AXO rollout unloading systems are effective and reliable.

Used shredding equipment in demand:

While many companies are currently upgrading equipment so they can increase the throughput rate and so lower their operational costs, others are keen to enter the shredding industry and are searching for used machinery.

AXO receives regular enquiry for used electric shredding machines and mobile shredding trucks.

In some cases companies upgrade plans can be bought forward by selling used equipment and they can benefit from both an increase in profits and business value.

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