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The MCG Goes Digital

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Axis Communications , the global leader in the network video market has announced that its IP network cameras are being used to monitor the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), as part of a major security system overhaul won by Integrators Australia to upgrade the existing security software and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) management system.  

Over 300 Axis indoor and outdoor IP network cameras will be installed at the prestigious MCG stadium over the next few years, with all existing analogue cameras migrating over to a full HDTV IP system.  

In the meantime, Axis encoders have also been deployed for connection with the remaining legacy analogue cameras. The move to an open source IP-based system will allow the MCG to integrate the cameras with advanced security software to make monitoring and controlling the large crowds simpler and more effective.  

The new cameras will supply the MCG with:

  • 1080i HDTV quality images for detailed image clarity
  • Intelligent video capabilities such as advanced motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering
  • Superior image stabilisation to deal with the high vibration levels in the stadium during events
  • High performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Easy installation and discreet design for indoor surveillance
  • Smooth integration with the existing building management system
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Open source scalable software so new applications such as people counting can be easily added in the future

The MCG blind-tested a variety of vendor equipment with the end user security managers and the Axis cameras out-performed the competition on both the image quality and zoom capabilities.  

“In such a large stadium, with a total capacity of 100,000 people plus staff, zoom capabilities are extremely important,” said Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) Security Manager Andy Frances.  

“For example, the new cameras are powerful enough to enable our security personnel to identify patrons who bring alcohol into the ground disguised in soft drink bottles.”  

Wai King Wong, Country Manager Australia and New Zealand, Axis Communications, said: “The MCG is an iconic Australian institution that has the unusual function of dealing with very large numbers of people on a regular basis. The MCC’s decision to move to an IP solution will ensure that its security monitoring will be advanced, reliable and intelligent. As Axis cameras are open source-based it also now has the capability for future advanced surveillance applications to be easily added to the system, future-proofing this security investment.”

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