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Axis Introduces Affordable, Palm-Sized Network Cameras for Outdoor Surveillance

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Axis Communications , a specialist provider of network video solutions offers a new range of network cameras designed for outdoor surveillance.  

The cost-effective AXIS M31-VE network camera series comes in a discreet fixed dome design for monitoring outdoor entrance areas of stores, restaurants, hotels, banks and offices.    

Designed for placement near building entrances, the palm-sized outdoor network cameras enable discreet surveillance at an affordable price. 

Wai King Wong, Country Manager ANZ at Axis Communications says that the AXIS M31-VE Series network cameras are ideal for cost-conscious business owners and managers requiring high-quality discreet surveillance of entrance areas.  

Video surveillance at entrances is also helpful for retailers to strengthen security and prevent losses.  

The surveillance cameras can also be integrated with intelligent applications such as people counters to monitor customers as they enter and leave the store.

The outdoor cameras are built to deliver reliable performance in extreme conditions with wide operating temperature range and weather-protected construction.  

Key features of AXIS M31-VE Series network cameras: 

  • Wide operating temperature range from 50ºC down to -20ºC
  • Impact-resistant casing comes with a weather shield for protection from sunlight, rain and snow
  • Models without the weather shield with a greater tilt range are also available for ceiling-mounted installations in cold storage rooms or under porches
  • Cameras are easy to install
  • Powered using Power over Ethernet, requiring only one standard network cable for carrying power and video
  • Cameras can also detect tampering attempts such as blocking or spray-painting
  • Provides excellent quality progressive scan video at full frame rate
  • AXIS M3114-VE models come with up to 1 megapixel resolution
  • AXIS M3113-VE models come with SVGA 800x600 pixel resolution
  • AXIS M3114-VE supports HDTV video conforming to HDTV 720p standards in colour fidelity, resolution, frame rate and wide-screen aspect ratio
  • Supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software

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