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Axeze launches FaceID, solves 'cold finger' problem for access control

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Australian access control and security technology innovator Axeze launched FaceID at the recent Digital Lifestyle Show.

FaceID, the world’s first embedded facial recognition system, uses a unique Dual Sensor facial recognition algorithm to make facial registration and recognition faster and more accurate than ever before.

The system incorporates adaptive source-light technology to work under different lighting conditions and is backed up by powerful software that includes Time Attendance Setup, Access Control and User Identification.

"FaceID is suitable for businesses, hospitality venues, nursing homes and any area that requires secure access,” says Axeze CEO Shelley Elder. “The device can replace cards, keys and clocks. It also solves the 'cold finger' problem which can render fingerprint scanning systems ineffective in cold environments."

The software incorporates access control, time and attendance reports, making it easy to identify people entering the home; allocate entry privileges; and record time of arrival and departure. The system can equally allow or bar particular people.

Processing and matching is carried out within milliseconds, right on the device, with real time execution. The system enables voice prompts and hands-free operation, making it ideal for environments where hygiene is a critical factor.

"In today’s world, where the spread of infectious disease is a major concern, FaceID is the reliable answer,” Ms Elder says. “FaceID achieves all this at a low cost, giving Australian businesses, households and health facility operators access to world-class Facial Recognition and Access Control systems at a fraction of the cost of existing systems.”

About FaceID

FaceID is designed for offline access control and attendance management in enterprises, public institutions, hospitality premises and homes where there is a strong requirement for secure access.
FaceID incorporates 600MHz TI high-speed DSP, 3.5 inch TFT colour screen, an attractive design, and phonic broadcast. The device supports both TCP/IP communication and USB port for uploading and downloading information.

Large user and log capacity
• User capacity from 500 to 1400
• Over 150,000 logs and optional image capacity over 70,000
Reliable performance in different environments
• Different source-light technology
• Different light conditions, even in the dark
Extensive market testing
• Flexible I/O interfaces
• Internet Protocol based, enables LAN or Network deployment
• USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver
• Wiegand output makes system compatible with different access control panels
User friendly design
• 3.5 inch colour screen for face positioning
• contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygiene
• voice prompt
Other Functions
• Multi authentication method so it can work with Facial, RFID Cards, Cards+Facial
• Low power consumption, 12 Watts in operation, less than 5 Watts in resting mode

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