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VERSION 5 of the Aware Enterprise System was launched at the Hemisphere Conference Centre last week.

Version 5 is an innovative package of new features and enhancements such as Aware Online, Aware Data Collection and an integrated payroll system.

Aware Online means clients now have the ability to accept and process external orders from selected customers that are placed over the Internet.

This service is provided through a Web hosting site. All information is collected at this site and then is automatically downloaded to the user’s system with fully security. The possibilities for this enhancement are endless and extremely safe.

Another major advance is Aware Data Collection. This has been made available through association with a Melbourne company called ASP.

Aware now provides integration with portable data collection devices (PDE) with real time updating through RF or local connection to the LAN. This means that barcodes can be used in many different ways throughout a company, for example on stock sheets, work orders, batch/roll/serial number tracking and will be used for time sheet recording, receiving, and despatching.

Payroll is an important area for all companies. Aware recognised this and partnered with an Australian-based company called Comacc to offer a Payroll system that is fully integrated with Aware. This means timesheets in Aware can be passed automatically onto payroll and journals are updated into Aware after each pay run. The potential of this software is huge for HR and staff scheduling.

Other functionalities include extended feature and options capabilities, serial, roll management and tracking, work order types (re-works) - this allows a rework of a finished product work order half way through the manufacturing process to change it to a different product.

The system also includes Aware Help, a Web based manual with extensive cross referencing available on the network or on individual PC.

These enhancements bring the Aware Enterprise System to the forefront of technology within the manufacturing sector for SMEs.

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