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Christie Chargers offered by Avtronics (Australia)

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Different types of Christie Chargers are offered by Avtronics (Australia) that include RF80K / CE, CASP/2500, CASP/1200, CASP/1500 and TD-685 CD-ROM.

To handle constant potential and stepped constant current, RF80K is available with additional features that make it equally at home with lead-acid batteries. RF80K also has the advantages of simplified controls and ReFLEX (R) charging. RF80K is a flexible requirement for any type of maintenance facility for aviation battery.

CASP/2500 from Avtronics (Australia) is one of the latest additions to ProEase family of products of Christie. CASP/2500 performs every advanced battery support function of CASP/2000.

CASP/2500 features an easy to use interface with the key servicing functions of battery available as a single-key entry. CASP/2500 analyses, auto process charges and up to six connected batteries of any kind are provisionally recharged by mechanically adjusting the parameters for each.

Another standard feature of CASP/2500 is reconditioning of NiCds along with the ability to handle Li-ion, NiMH and other batteries.

CASP/1200 offered by Avtronics (Australia) is suitable to the maintenance of communication batteries of lower-power. CASP/1200 has its uses in varied field applications due to its pre-programming and simple front panel control features. One can program the CASP/1200 directly from a CASP/2000 by means of a null modem cable.

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