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NEBS-compliant advanced console servers

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article image Designed for secure console or serial port management.

CYCLADES has introduced four new AlterPath ACS advanced console servers with Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3 certification. By earning the carrier-class certification, the console servers provide the telecommunications industry with secure, consolidated and centralised out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) management solutions for demanding central office (CO) environments.

In addition, the AlterPath ACS product family offers the industry's first Enhanced Security Framework that provides pre-set security profiles and the flexibility for IT managers to customise security profiles to comply with existing network security policies.

The AlterPath ACS console server is designed to manage IT assets and telecommunications equipment within networks of clustered computers through alternate paths that provide secure remote access to IT assets whether or not the production network is operational.

Secure remote access to IT assets improves productivity and helps to safeguard network and IT operations against unplanned disruptions.

By deploying AlterPath ACS products with NEBS Level 3 certification, telecommunication providers and enterprise customers now have the flexibility to run mission-critical applications across high-performance clusters with greater reliability and security in CO environments.

"Telecommunications providers require NEBS Level 3 compliant products in their central office environments," said President and co-founder of Holly Street Communications, Ed Pratt. "Earning the stringent NEBS Level 3 certification is an acknowledgement of Cyclades' viability in telco central offices. We can now confidently deploy Cyclades AlterPath ACS products in our telco customers’ central office environments."

The Enhanced Security Framework, now part of the AlterPath ACS family of console servers, was designed from inception to tackle the diverse security requirements of today's enterprise and telecommunications networks. The ability to select pre-set security profiles (secure, moderate and open) and/or to define customised security profiles provides the means for seamless adherence to existing enterprise and telecommunications networks security policies.

Each AlterPath ACS product is shipped with secured factory default settings and a security notice to remind customers to review their existing security policies before deploying the AlterPath ACS.

In addition to providing secure connectivity and remote access to cluster environments, the AlterPath ACS offers a wealth of security features such as secure clustering for up to 1,024 devices, Secure Shell (SSHv2) connections, TACACS/RADIUS/LDAP authentication, SecurID, PPP PAP/CHAP, PPP dial back, IP filtering and user access lists per port.

The AlterPath ACS leverages the inherent advantages of a hardened Linux operating system, giving IT professionals the freedom to customise its operation, modifying or adding features as needed.

"Today's telcos are deploying Cyclades OOBI System within their data centres to remotely restore connectivity to their mission-critical applications in the event of service disruptions," said Managing Director of Cyclades, Australia and New Zealand, Leanne Ramsay. "Our NEBS Level 3 certified console servers with enhanced security framework further demonstrate Cyclades' position as the leading provider of robust and secure Out-of-Band Infrastructure (OOBI) management solutions."

The AlterPath ACS console server is available in multiple port densities including the 16-port ACS16 model and the 32-port ACS32 model, each with single or dual dc power supplies.

All AlterPath ACS console servers are specifically designed for applications requiring secure console or serial port management along with integrated power management and centralised management of all OOBI devices.

The OOBI provides secure alternate paths into the production infrastructure so that disconnected assets can be reconnected and subsequently returned to normal operation. This infrastructure includes serial console servers, KVM analog and KVM over IP switches, intelligent power distribution units, service processor managers, and blade managers, all controlled by an OOBI manager like Cyclades AlterPath Manager.

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