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u-blox extends its AssistNow A-GPS service to support offline instant positioning

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u-blox AG, the leading Swiss provider of innovative GPS receiver technology has released that it has extended its AssistNow A-GPS service. The new AssistNow Offline service provides A-GPS assistance data that enables instant positioning over extended time periods without the need for mobile connectivity.

u-blox' AssistNow technology cuts a GPS receiver's Time To First Fix to seconds by providing assistance data that enables the receiver to compute a position instantly. While AssistNow Online, introduced in June 2006, uses mobile networks to provide the assistance data at each start-up, the new AssistNow Offline service works independently of networks and does not require server access for data downloads at start-up. The service provides assistance data valid for up to 14 days, so users can update their assistance data files at their own convenience. AssistNow Offline uses AlmanacPlus assistance data, u-blox' unique differential Almanac correction method that achieves unrivalled positioning accuracy for long time periods.

According to GNSS Software, this new service brings instant GPS positioning anytime, anywhere. Users can now benefit from always-on, accurate location services without having to worry about network coverage or waiting times.

AssistNow, available from Avnet  is scalable and supports a wide range of services, from single user GPS-enabled applications to complex multi-user, multi-terminal vehicle, goods or staff management systems.

This off the shelf service requires minimal installation and maintenance efforts and works on all Flash-based ANTARIS 4 GPS receivers. Users can choose between the basic Free Service and the Premium Service with defined performance and guaranteed service levels.

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