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XILINX sets industry record with delivery of 26 million 90nm FPGAs

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Xilinx, Inc. reports that it has set a programmable logic industry record with total shipments of more than 26 million 90nm devices, fueled by broad adoption of its flagship product families: Spartan-3 and Virtex-4 FPGAs. Xilinx supplies approximately 70 percent of the world’s 90nm FPGAs, based upon cumulative revenues, commanding a two-year market lead over its nearest competitor at 90nm.

In related news, Xilinx today introduced its new 90nm FPGA, the Spartan-3A platform, targeted for applications where I/O count and capabilities matter more than logic density.

According to Xilinx, by applying production-proven 90nm process technology to the new Spartan platform, they are assured of meeting its performance and reliability targets with an extremely cost-effective manufacturing process, a key requirement for targeting high-volume markets.

Xilinx remains at the forefront of the race to advanced chip-making processes, establishing an impressive track record as one of the first to 150nm in 2001, 130nm in 2002, 90nm in 2003, and 65nm in 2006. To stay at the leading edge and to meet growing customer demand for its popular FPGAs, Xilinx is committed to a dual-source manufacturing strategy with foundry partners UMC and Toshiba.

According to UMC, its partnership with Xilinx has enabled them to lead the PLD industry in 90nm shipments. In March 2003, UMC became a foundry to deliver working 90nm products, including Xilinx FPGAs. Since then, UMC’s 90nm manufacturing process family has seen widespread acceptance. UMC’s 90nm customer base targets a broad spectrum of semiconductor applications, including wireless and wired communications, high-end consumer, and advanced computing. The process technology leadership will extend to further process generations. In fact, earlier this year, UMC announced the delivery of FPGAs to Xilinx which leverage the state-of-the-art 65nm process, and Xilinx continues to play a major role as a development partner for our 45nm and beyond technologies.

Toshiba's strategic manufacturing relationship, beginning in 2004 with 90nm Virtex-4 platform FPGAs, has proven a strategic business success for Toshiba and Xilinx. Through the partnership with Toshiba's cutting-edge process technology, Xilinx has been assured of stable supply of leading-edge FPGA products, and Toshiba has been assured of volume semiconductor business in the advanced technology from one of the world's leading fabless semiconductor companies. The success at 90nm paved the way for delivery of 65nm Virtex-5 platform FPGAs and continued collaboration at 45nm.

Low-cost Spartan Series FPGAs, including 90nm Spartan-3, 3L, 3E and 3A – represent 26 percent of overall company revenues, and are designed into high-volume digital consumer products (e.g., DVD players, plasma displays, HDTV). The company’s 90nmVirtex-4 FPGA family offers designers a choice of 17 devices and three domain-optimized platforms for logic, embedded processing, DSP, and high-speed serial applications.

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