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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors introduces OSTAR Projection

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Six chips make the new OSTAR Projection from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors bright. In mini projectors OSTAR Projection helps to create vibrant colours for computer games. With a system brightness of 120 lumen, games and other screen content can be projected onto walls in large format.

The six-chip version of OSTAR Projection offers strong monochromatic LED light sources that make pocket projectors brighter, more vibrantly colourful and more flexible. Games and other screen content no longer have to be viewed only on a small display. Instead games and other screen content can be enjoyed in large format and in brilliant colours when projected onto a wall.

OSTAR Projection is available in red (617 nm), green (517 nm) and blue (464 nm). This means that more colours and colour tones in the colour triangle can be displayed than prescribed by the National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) standard. The six chips, each 1 mm² in size, are fabricated using tried and tested thin-film technology.

The six chips are efficient at providing the generated light at the surface of the chip. A pocket projector equipped with these three light sources provides a system brightness of 120 lm. By optimising the system it is possible to bring this value up to 140 lumen.

The new material base for the metal core board offers a thermal resistance of 2K/W so the heat generated can be efficiently dissipated. Two package versions with different alignments of the chip surface offer potential customers enormous flexibility in the mechanical design of the lighting system.

The new OSTAR Projection is available from Avnet.

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