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Intersil’s new multiplexer enables switching between four different video inputs

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Intersil Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analogue semiconductors, introduced the ISL59446, a triple-channel 4:1 multiplexer with three integrated gain-of-two amplifiers. ISL59446 enables simultaneous switching between four unique triple-video input signals or can be placed in a high impedance state that will allow these devices to be used as building blocks in larger switching matrices.

The ISL59446 uses four digital input signals to deliver superior design flexibility and unique functionality. Combinations of signals through the S0 and S1 pins can place the device into four different states that will determine which of the four input sources will be passed through the three output channels. For example, one state can pass the separate R, G and B signals from one source through all three amplified output channels.

The HIZ pin is used to place the device in a high impedance state to allow several of these devices to be used together to create 8:1, 12:1, or 16:1 switching matrices. The ENABLE pin can be used to place the device in a power-down mode that reduces power to just 14mW, so that unneeded circuitry can be turned off in power-sensitive applications.

Intersil’s ISL59446 supports four video input signals, each comprised of three channels, making it ideal for next-generation video. ISL59446 provides 500MHz bandwidth to meet the high resolution requirements of monitors and projectors as well as the KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) market.

Driving high-resolution video

The ISL59446 provides 500MHz bandwidth into a 150 Ohm load to support high-resolution video while driving a typical video load. A slew rate of ±1600V/μs enables good bandwidth even at the high signal levels associated with video signals.

ISL59446 uses three integrated amplifiers with a fixed gain of two to deliver double-terminated video loads. Double termination provides consistent video signal levels and eliminates the need for an additional external amplification stage which reduces cost and saves board space.

Key features

500MHz bandwidth into150 Ohms

±1600V/μs slew rate

High impedance outputs

Internally set gain-of-two amplifiers

High impedance state (HIZ)

Power-down mode (ENABLE)

±5V operation

Supply current 11mA/ch

Pb-free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant)

Target applications

HDTV/DTV analog inputs

Video projectors

Computer monitors

Set-top boxes

Security video

Broadcast video equipment

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