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Intelligent semiconductor power modules available from Avnet

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At the PCIM 2007 exhibition and congress in Nuremberg, Infineon Technologies AG introduced a new family of highly integrated intelligent semiconductor power modules that contain nearly all of the semiconductor components required to drive electronically controlled variable-speed electric motors.

Reflecting Infineon’s commitment to improving energy efficiency of electrical drives, the new CiPoS (Control Integrated Power System) modules are designed to enable energy-efficient operation of consumer appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners, offering efficiencies of up to 94 %.

The use of variable-speed motors to reduce the energy consumed by such products as dish and clothes washers, air conditioners and other household appliances is growing in response to regulatory requirements and consumer demand.

Concurrently, smart design of drive control electronics to make perfect use of these motors presents manufacturers with further opportunities for efficiency and savings.

The new CiPoS modules available from Avnet incorporate a three-phase inverter power stage with a SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) gate driver, boot strap diodes and capacitors, and auxiliary circuitry in a compact, high-performance, fully isolated package.

Based on a combination of Infineon’s leading-edge TrenchStop IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and EmCon (Emitter Controlled) diode technology, they eliminate as many as 23 discrete semiconductor components compared to a design based on discrete components.

This can reduce manufacturers’ costs in many ways, including decreased inventory and logistics costs, reduced circuit board space, simplified layout and assembly, improved overall reliability, reduced EMI (electromagnetic interference) and shorter time-to-market.

With a basic drive system, such as used in a fan blower, only requiring nine external components and one microcontroller, the CiPoS modules represent a ready-to-use solution for all motor drive systems with a power rating of up to 3 kW.

The CiPoS modules also offer low junction-to-case resistance, which increases output current by up to 20 % compared to other available modules.

For example, the junction-to-case thermal resistance of the IGBTs of the CiPoS module IKCS12F60AA is 3.6°C/W (degrees Celsius/Watt), and of the EmCon diodes is 4.9°C/W.

At a nominal operating voltage of 15V, this low resistance results in an output current of 6.0A, compared to the 5.0A produced by the closest competitor.

This makes a higher output power possible in designs with equivalent-sized heatsinks compared to alternatives, or the use of a smaller heatsink for the same power.

Interfacing to the microcontroller is through direct connection of the control terminals supported by pull-up resistors.

A feedback control loop can be easily implemented by adding an external operational amplifier.

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