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Infineon releases intelligent wireless control receiver

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Infineon Technologies has released its next-generation wireless control receiver family TDA523X, designed for automotive and industrial as well as home automation applications. It targets wireless control applications that require low power consumption and compact design. The TDA523X is ideally suited for use in garage door openers, set top boxes, security systems, remote keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring systems, and many other low power applications.  It is designed for use in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands 315MHz, 434MHz and 868 MHz. Due to its intelligent functionalities the TDA523X is capable of taking over some of the tasks that are usually being performed by the system’s microcontroller.

According to Infineon, with the TDA523X they are entering a new era in wireless control receivers. No comparable component is available today. Other than conventional receivers, which simply receive signals and pass them on, the TDA523x is capable of decoding incoming signals down to the deepest level, of differentiating between relevant and irrelevant data, to then decide which data are valid and need to be forwarded to the microcontroller. TDA523x is the only intelligent receiver in the market. TDA523x takes part of the workload off the microprocessor in the application. Because of this, customers save the time and cost usually spent on the software needed to program the microcontrollers. Fischer is convinced that the new receiver will shorten time-to-market for Infineon’s customers’ applications.

To equip the component with its intelligent functionalities, Infineon is one of the first semiconductor companies to manufacture wireless control components in CMOS-technology. Several wireless control receivers up to now are being made in bipolar technology, which is not suitable for integrating comprehensive logic on the chip.

In addition to its smart features, with only 8 mA in active and 1 µA in power down mode, the TDA523X consumes little power and thus ensures a long battery-life. The implemented autonomous wakeup functionality and configurable self polling features drive down the true average power consumption to 200 µA, whereas conventional receivers require about 1 mA.

The high sensitivity (typ. -108 dBm ASK/FSK) image-reject RF-front-end is followed by a flexible digital baseband that enables the receiver to take over some of tasks usually performed by the host microcontroller. The TDA523X is a highly-flexible multi-channel receiver that can be reprogrammed on the fly. Due to this architecture, TDA523X can serve different applications completely on its own, which reduces the complexity of the entire system. Since the receiver does not have one channel only, like conventional receivers, but offers up to 17 channels it also is far more robust against interfering signals.

Infineon is market leader worldwide for Wireless Control ICs, and sees great further potential for TDA 523X will revolutionise the market for wireless control receivers.  Infineon expects more than 25 million pieces sold over the next five years. This want to reinforce its position and extend the market share even further.

The TDA523X includes the following advanced features:

Fully integrated ASK/FSK receiver with data FIFO and SPI host interface.

Autonomous wakeup and configurable self polling features.

Fully integrated multichannel PLL synthesizer

Fast symbol clock recovery.

Frame synchronization for automatic payload extraction

Dual configuration capability.

Manchester de-coding and message buffering.

Programmable digital baseband filtering.

Crystal oscillator with on chip tuning, clock output with configurable prescaler.

Message content/ID scanning feature.

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