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Half-watt high-brightness LEDs available from Avnet Electronics Marketing

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article image Half-watt high-brightness light-emitting diodes

Avago Technologies has introduced a half-watt (0.5-W) high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LED) in an industry-standard PLCC-4 surface-mount (SMT) package. The new 0.5-W Power LEDs, which are available in white, amber, red-orange and red colours, come in a small package size, a wide 120-degree viewing angle and are optimised for long operating life under various environmental conditions.

Moreover, these new high-brightness LEDs were designed to dissipate heat more efficiently to provide superior thermal management and consistent light output.

Avago’s new 0.5-W LEDs are ideal for use by designers of automotive interior and exterior lighting, electronic sign and signals (ESS), office automation, home appliances and industrial equipment.

Avago is a supplier of analogue interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.

Avago’s 0.5-W ASMT-QWB2 (white) and ASMT-QxB2 (amber, red-orange and red) series of SMT LEDs can be used for backlighting dashboards, dome and map lighting, puddle lamps, rear reverse lamp indicator lighting and license plate illumination in automotive applications.

These LEDs can also be used for decorative lighting in general lighting applications, channel lettering in ESS applications, and for backlighting instrument panels and displays in industrial equipment, office automation and home appliance applications.

Moreover, the high brightness output per LED and small package footprint (3.2 L by 2.8 W by 1.9 H mm) of Avago’s 0.5-W high-brightness Power LED series provide lighting designers with greater flexibility in designing the size, shape and appearance of lighting assemblies.

In addition to the combination of high-brightness, long life and compact size, Avago’s 0.5-W Power PLCC-4 series of LEDs provide two significant advantages in the production environment.

Avago’s 0.5-W Power PLCC-4 series of LEDs can be easily soldered using conventional surface mount techniques to minimize production costs, and the package is qualified to a Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) moisture sensitive level (MSL) rating of 2A.

For manufacturers, this rating means that the 0.5-W Power PLCC-4 LEDs can be kept in the open air (30° C, 60 percent relative humidity) for up to four weeks after being removed from its sealed package without the need to remove absorbed moisture.

Avago’s 0.5-W Power PLCC-4 series of LEDs are available from Avnet Electronics Marketing.

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