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G24 GSM wireless module available from Avnet Electronics Marketing

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Motorola has launched G24 EDGE, a versatile GSM wireless module for the M2M market.

The G24 EDGE is a RoHS-compliant, quad-band (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz) GSM wireless module and is one of the small ones of its class. G24's size and flexibility enable the enhancement of seamless mobility in various M2M applications.

The availability of the G24 EDGE expands Motorola’s portfolio of GSM, iDEN and CDMA modules for the M2M market. M2M, a term widely used to describe the machine-to-machine, man-to-machine and machine-to-man communications markets, is a pillar of Motorola’s seamless mobility vision.

Motorola wireless modules are used around the world in a wide range of industries, including automotive, telemetry, security and electronic point of sale (EPOS). Wireless modules are at the core of innovative M2M solutions, enabling the transfer of information and commands between automobiles, meters, vending machines, handheld devices and other machines in a potentially endless range of applications, increasing productivity for enterprises of all sizes.

G24 EDGE’s ruggedness and small size allow it to work in a wide range of environments. The G24 EDGE has RX sensitivity that is 4dBm better than the standard thus enabling stable connectivity even in locations with low coverage for applications such as home security systems installed in basements.

Motorola’s proprietary developer kit enables resellers and manufacturers of electronic equipment to rapidly prototype and develop innovative applications and services with a relatively short time-to-market.

The G24 EDGE is fully compatible with the G20, enabling Motorola’s customers, vendors and suppliers to migrate seamlessly to the next generation.

The G24 EDGE GSM wireless module is available from Avnet Electronics Marketing.

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