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Atmel launches 1.8V CPLD family with 5 uA standby power consumption

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Atmel Corporation has released its ATF15xxBE family of ROHS-compliant, 1.8V CPLDs with standby power consumption of just 5 uA, over 60% less power drain than the nearest competing CPLD. Operating power consumption is 1 mA at 20 MHz or less. Available in densities ranging from 32 to 128 macrocells, ATF15xxBE CPLDs can be used to implement system watchdog, MCU I/O port expansion, memory interface, LCD display module drivers, and voltage translators.

Their ultra-low standby power consumption makes the ATF15xxBE PLDs ideal for applications that spend the majority of their time in standby mode. These include smart phones, keypad scanners, and handheld appliances, as well as toys using infrared transmitters with low security needs.

ATF15xxBE CPLDs are the only CPLDs on the market that offer up to 32 Kbits of on-chip EEPROM for the storage of constants, OEM proprietary data, end-product ID, or other data.

Unique macrocell architecture doubles logic utilisation. ATF15xxBE CPLDs have a unique macrocell architecture with independent feedback paths for both the register and combinatorial logic that fully exploits macrocell resources. Conventional CPLDs incorporate macrocells that have only one feedback path. If the register is being used to latch data, the combinatorial logic in that cell cannot be utilized at all. Atmel’s dual-path architecture allows both register and combinatorial macrocell resources to be fully utilised virtually all the time, in effect doubling the amount of available logic, ATF15xxBE CPLDs frequently allow designers to implement their system in a smaller, less expensive device.

Logic doubling is automatic. Atmel’s ProChip Designer fitter automatically checks CPLD resource utilisation and implements logic doubling without any user action.

Compatible with 5V ATF15xxAS and Altera’s EPM3000 and EPM7000 CPLDS. The ATF15xxBE industry standard pin out is compatible with Atmel’s 3.3V ATF15xxASV and 5V ATF15xxAS families, and offers a lower-power alternative to Altera’s EPM3000 and EPM7000 CPLDs, Xilinx’s XC2CxxA and Lattice’s LC40xxZ CPLDs.

Downloadable Mentor Graphics-based tools. Atmel’s ProChip Designer 4.0 integrates Mentor Graphic’s industry-standard design entry, synthesis and simulation software from within Atmel’s proprietary ProChip Designer fitting software. Designers can use Atmel’s OEM version of Precision RTL Synthesis and/or ModelSim Simulation environment to design the ATF15xxBE CPLD family. Third-party programming vendors such as BP Microsystems, Data I/O, Hilo, and EE tools also support stand-alone programming of the ATF1502BE.

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