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Covered welding available from Avesta Welding

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Avesta Welding  manufactures a wide range of electrodes, flux cored wires and solid wires. Avesta Welding also offers a wide variety of pickling as well cleaning products in terms of stainless steel. Avesta Welding provides product such as covered electrodes, welding wire, flux cored wire, welding flux, MSDS material safety data sheets. Avesta Welding provides submerged arc welding fluxes for strip as well as stainless steel wire. The welding flux variety provided by Avesta Welding consists of flux 301, flux 807, flux 805 and flux 801.

The welding flux 801 offered by Avesta Welding is neutral chromium compensated agglomerated flux. Flux 801 is a general purpose flux that has been designed for both joint welding stainless steel as well as for cladding onto unalloyed or low-alloyed steel. Flux 801 can be used in combination with all kinds of non-stabilised and stabilized Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo fillers. The flux 801 from Avesta Welding provides neat weld surfaces along with very good welding properties and easy slag removal.

The welding flux 805 is a basic, slightly chromium-compensated agglomerated flux. This is mainly designed for welding with high-alloyed stainless fillers such as AVESTA, P12, 904L and 2205. Standard Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo fillers can also be welded with excellent results. Flux 805 is well suited for application where it requires high impact strength value.

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