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Covered electrode and flux cored wire from Avesta Welding

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Flux cored arc welding from Avesta Welding is a flexible welding method that offers high deposition rates. This can be used in terms of all kinds of welding position and is also welder friendly. Avesta Welding offers two types of flux cored wire such as FCW-2D and FCW-3D wire. FCW-2D guarantees high productivity as well as first-class surfaces while welding in the flat and horizontal-vertical positions. FCW-3D is designed especially for all position welding that combines necessary properties in terms of both flat and vertical welding.

The covered electrodes from Avesta Welding are manual metal arc welding which involves a flexible method for welding in all kinds of position. Avesta Welding offers a wide range of products for stainless steel welding. The 2D high recovery electrodes guarantee high productivity and first-class surfaces. The 2D high recovery electrode is well suited for butt welds in the flat position, flat and vertical fillet joints as well as for overlay welding. The 3D range has been especially developed for flexible welding in all common welding positions. The 3D range includes good weldability, arc is stable, weld pool and slag are extremely easy to control.

4D range has been specially developed for flexible welding with reference to thin stainless sheets and pipes. This encompasses highly controllable weld pool and slag. Avesta 4D electrodes are also a quick as well as cost-efficient alternative to TIG.

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