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Electronic visitor management system

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AVERY Dennison 's Photo ID System is a complete electronic visitor management system. It allows companies to sign people in and out of their organisations while keeping accurate records of each visit, including a photo image for instant identification.

The system is simple to use for both employees and visitors. It can produce colour photo identification badges using an in-line photo capture process, while at the same time recording all associated visitor registration information into a centralised digital log that can be searched and converted into standard and customised reports in minutes.

The System works with most PC and ink jet printers for low-cost, high-quality colour photo ID badge printing, as well as standard web cameras and barcode scanners. It is extremely flexible, with 50 customisable templates, a broad range of badges and holders, and can accommodate any number of entrances, offices and locations.

The System's software was designed by a team of industrial psychologists to create an intuitive user experience that requires minimal training. It is easy to install and can be operated by the visitors themselves or the attendant. Visitors can even retake their photos if they don't like the first one. There's also a space on the back to include customised information such as non-disclosure agreements and safety policies.

The sign-in and photo badging process for first-time visitors is easy to use and it takes only moments longer than a paper-based visitor log book and handwritten badge. For returning visitors, the process takes only seconds. Pre-print and/or the group check-in features can also be used for signing in expected visitors and groups. Visitor sign-out is very efficient with a quick scan of the visitor badge barcode.

The system is intended for any location where registration is required, such as trade shows, conferences, events, clubs and schools. It can also be used for long term internal employee identification badges, and is ideal for HR purposes to record details of prospective employees.

The system has a number of other reporting and security functions. An “emergency” report can identify all pending visitor checkouts to ensure everyone has left the area. Badges can also be colour coded according to the day of the week or type of visitor for even quicker identification.

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