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Mango-Glow free flowing powder compound from Avanti Chemicals

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Mango-Glow by Avanti Chemicals is a specially developed, free flowing powder compound. Mango-Glow rapidly dissolves in cold water to form a low foam, strong alkaline solution, for use by mango growers as a stemsap remover, and to reduce sap-burn on the fruit.

Mango-Glow has been proven as a highly effective and economical stem-sap remover, cleaner and sanitiser. Only 2gms of Mango Glow per litre of clean potable water are required in normal circumstances to provide growers with a strong satisfactory solution to thoroughly remove stem-sap, clean and prepare fruit for market.

Immerse fruit in Mango-Glow solution for 1 - 2 minutes in dip tank. Fruit is removed from this tank and rinsed in clean potable water, preferably by spray.

1000 litres of Mango Glow solution can remove stem-sap from approximately 1000 kg of fruit. The balanced alkalinity level of Mango Glow stem-sap remover assists neutralisation of the acid sap, helping to provide a more presentable appearance to treated fruit, while being less injurious to operators' hands.

The balanced formulation with the inclusion of sodium hypochlorite provides a sanitising effect on mangos and fruit varieties treated with Mango-Glow. The tanks and other cleaning vessels and/or spray lines are sanitised by Mango-Glow, which is a HACCP endorsed food safe product.

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