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LPS 1 Premium Lubricants available from Avanti Chemicals

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LPS 1 Premium lubricants available from Avanti Chemicals find wide application in the aviation sector in aircraft engines.  

The lubricants are also used for the efficient operation of electric motors, power tools, nuts and bolts, locks, ignition systems, cables, electronic connectors, mould releases and hinges among others.  

LPS 1 Premium lubricants is specially formulated to give a dry, thin lubricating film that penetrates deep into minute crevices while resisting oil, dust and dirt build-up.   

The environment-friendly lubricants do not contain CFCs, chlorinated solvents or silicone.  

Safe on paint and most plastics as well as delicate components, the lubricants offer fast acting penetration and loosen rusted or frozen parts.  

While displacing moisture, LPS 1 Premium lubricants also lubricate, clean and protect the surface. The non-conductive lubricants displace water on dry electrical or electronic parts.  

When applied, LPS 1 premium lubricants create a short term, light corrosion-resistant barrier.  

LPS 1 Premium lubricants come with a convenient Inverta spray valve that lets the user spray in an upright or inverted position.  

LPS 1 Premium lubricants meet or exceed these specifications: 

  • Lockheed Martin EPSN G34.031
  • MIL-C-23411A
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • CPMC 79255 Rev. C
  • Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines 340

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