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Hydro-Blast HD available from Avanti Chemicals

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Hydro-Blast HD, available from, Avanti Chemicals, is a heavy duty, inhibited, quick break concentrated high performance aqueous degreaser that is guaranteed to work.

Hydro-Blast HD has a quick break formula, with no petroleum solvents, is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-phenolic and contains no phosphates.

The quick-break formula helps in the disposal of waste liquid through coalescing separators and therefore complies with local government and state waste disposal regulations.

Hydro-Blast HD aqueous degreaser has a premium formulation with a wide variety of uses in heavy duty cleaning. As a fast acting aqueous degreaser it is used for the removal of heavy grease and oil, exhaust and smoke stains, animal and vegetable fats, dirt and mud.

Hydro-Blast HD is also used for cleaning chassis, engine parts, truck interiors, concrete, bricks, terrazzo, stone, tile, steel constructions and is ideal for cleaning interiors of food carrying commercial vehicles and food processing area floors.

Hydro-Blast HD is versatile. Hydro-Blast HD can be used manually or in high pressure water blasters and steam cleaners in numerous industries- earth moving, construction, mining, military, automotive, local government, food processing, plants and transport, building maintenance and many more.

Because Hydro-Blast HD does not contain any solvents, Hydro-Blast HD is ideal to be used to clean bitumen car parks and driveways.

Hydro-Blast HD is used by one of Queensland’s major building post-fire restoration companies to clean burnt-out buildings to remove smoke stains.

Hydro-Blast HD has also been used by City of Sydney Council to clean streets. It is the preferred degreaser of the machinery and equipment maintenance department of the gold mine in Indonesia.

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