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Avanti F57 Rig-Wash is super-concentrated, high foam, alkaline based, top quality commercial vehicle cleaner.

F57 Rig Wash has been designed and developed to be highly effective and quick to use, it will cut manual commercial vehicle cleaning time in half (or better). Particularly designed to enable rapid cleaning when there is a need for quick turn-around of vehicle. Simply spray on, allow to dry then hose off for clean vehicle wash in short time. Yes; apply +dry + rinse = clean rig. It is that quick and easy with this commercial vehicle cleaner.

F57 Rig Wash is efficient in its operation, incorporating only top quality raw materials at high concentrations. The unique blend of alkalis, sequestering agents, surfactants, water softeners and inhibitors in provides a synergy to give F57 Rig Wash its great capabilities as commercial vehicle cleaner available.

F57 Rig Wash is designed to rapidly break up road soils, bird strikes, mud, oil films, etc. F57 Rig Wash is a free rinsing commercial vehicle cleaner that is fully inhibited to prevent any corrosion to hidden areas or pockets, where water may accumulate on commercial vehicles.

F57 Rig Wash can be applied via a foaming system to vehicles to provide thorough soak cleaning, it is safe to use on all painted surfaces, plastics, rubber, glass, chrome, nickel, vinyl, etc. F57 Rig Wash will not damage or soften bitumen, as it contains no hydrocarbon solvents, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, fully inhibited to fight corrosion.

If using F57 for the first time, or vehicle has not been cleaned for a long time, agitating surface with soft bristled broom or sponge, while wet with F57 will enhance initial clean. Future regular washes will require less and less effort and less F57 Rig Wash to maintain that super finish.

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