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Avanti Chemicals develops Hot Pulse 2 Pak paint and carbon remover system

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Avanti Hot Pulse 2 Pak (AD32-L) revolutionary paint and carbon remover for aluminium

To enable paint stripping and full carbon removal from aluminium (and many other metals) without the use of dangerous and poisonous chemicals such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and phenols, which have been virtually the only way other than media blasting, Avanti Chemicals developed a totally new product, Hot Pulse 2 Pak.

The Hot Pulse 2 Pak is a two part paint and carbon remover system consisting of a liquid (part 1) and a powder (part 2) component, designed to safely remove paint and primers, soft carbon deposits and staining, particularly from aluminium, brass, copper and other reactive metals.

The Hot Pulse 2 Pak works equally well on ferrous metals. Not designed for rust removal. The Hot Pulse 2 Pak functions effectively in paint and carbon removal at temperatures of 55 to 65° Celsius in agitating platform hot tanks such as Ardelve Electro Pulse machines.

The Hot Pulse 2 Pak is formulated on a fully active blend of alkaline salts, biodegradable surfactants, lacquer solvents, soil suspending and chelating compounds, plus patented anti-corrosion inhibitors.

In solution, Hot Pulse 2 Pak is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable. The Hot Pulse 2 Pak provides paint stripping power, reduced product usage, and rapid carbon and grease removal, at low to medium operating temperatures in agitated cleaning machines such as the Ardelve Electro Pulse, for which it is designed.

The Hot Pulse 2 Pak contains no chromates, no caustics, no heavy metals and no chlorinated solvents. In solution, the Hot Pulse 2 Pak is non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable. The Hot Pulse 2 Pak is fully inhibited using the recent patented inhibitor technology to prevent flash rusting or corrosion of the cleaned metals.

In hot tank, bath degreasing and paint stripping, only 100 mls per litre of part 1 (liquid) and 20 grams per litre of part 2 (powder) are required. Only 55 to 65ºC is needed for effective paint and carbon removal.

Paint will start being softened and removed within seconds, complete carbon, grease and stain removal can take 45-60 minutes depending on the circumstances. Re-immersing ferrous parts in hot solution, removing and allowing to air dry, can prevent flash rusting.

The Hot Pulse 2 Pak can also be effectively used in ultrasonic baths at low concentrations of only 30-40 ml/L part 1 (liquid) & 5-8gm/L part 2 (powder) to water in unit. The equipment is operated as per manufacturer's directions. Temperatures above 50°C are not necessary in ultrasonic cleaning with Hot Pulse 2 Pak.

The paint and carbon remover is used in an agitating platform hot tank such as the Ardelve Electro Pulse machine in place of the conventional caustic liquids usually used for ferrous metals, and is being used by diesel engine overhaul shops to clean large iron diesel engine blocks and cylinder heads.

The unique chemical synergy of combining the liquid and powder constituents of Hot Pulse 2 Pak gives long service life, is inherently safe to use, has no unpleasant smell, and operates efficiently at relatively low temperature. The Hot Pulse 2 Pak, is rapid in its function, has an exceptionally long service life, and is easily and economically disposed of when depleted.

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