Avanti Chemicals

Avanti Chemicals supplies its own range of cleaning chemicals and is also a distributor for Turco, LPS, Phillips 66, DEB and other well known brands. Avanti Chemicals provides cleaning and maintenance solutions for various industries.


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28/06/11 - Available now from Avanti Chemicals, LPS all purpose anti seize is a moly-fortified extreme pressure lubricant that protects against seizure and heat-freeze.
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14/06/11 - Ezi-Action drum pumps from Avanti Chemicals operate on a unique hand pumping principle, and can be used with liquids as viscous as heavy gear oil.
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01/12/10 - LPS 1 Premium lubricants available from Avanti Chemicals find wide application in the aviation sector in aircraft engines.
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05/10/10 - Avanti Chemicals' Wurth pump sprayers have been designed to easily and efficiently handle the spraying and application of aggressive liquids onto various industrial surfaces.
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26 Notar Drive
QLD 4208
Tel: 07 5549 3666
Fax: 07 5549 3622

Avanti Chemicals Brands

AG Spray-Line Cleaner / Sanitiser Aklora Foam Plus Alklora Foam All Purpose Degreaser Aqueous Inhibitor Avanti Bac-Gone LF Belt & Roller Cleaner Bin Deodoriser Clearview Cyclone CIP DEB Dishmatic Powder Dissolvit CIP Diz-Wash Econo Spin-Wash F-57 Rig Wash Ferocious Golden-N-Glow Graff-Off Citrus Green-N-Beady Henkel Hot Pulse 2 Pak Hot Pulse Alloy Hydro Blast HD Hydro Blast Ultra Leaf-Clean Plus Lemon Power Lemon San LPS Mango Clear Mango Glow Mango Plus Mildicide 15 Norsan Oomph Orbit CIP Organic Deruster Perakill Phillips 66 Pluto Premium Degreaser Red Rover Registrar Roto-Wash Sani-Klenz Steel-Prep Steel-Prep Suprega Surge CIP Transpo Turbo Clean Plus Turco Turco 5351 Turco Paint Stripper

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