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Fully rugged notebook from Avantec

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Avantec  supplies as well as supports one of the world best rugged mobile solutions from General Dynamics-Itronix. Avantec offers rugged mobile solution across Australia and New Zealand. The computers offered by Avantec are designed and built for outdoor that can handle bright sunlight and night use, harsh environments, extreme temperatures and water. Avantec offers rugged mobile computers such as fully rugged notebook, semi-rugged notebook, rugged tablet and rugged laptops.

The GoBook MR-1 is a ultra-mobile, fully rugged notebook that combines all of the functionality of a complete featured notebook with multi-wireless communications technology into a compact, use-anywhere 4.5"x6.1"x 1.4” new game-changing form factor. The GoBook MR-1 is perfect for police, military, public safety workers and a variety of vertical industry mobile users. The GoBook MR-1 comes standard with an ergonomically designed keyboard with four wireless connectivity capabilities.

The GoBook MR-1 product from Avantec comes in a magnesium alloy case, 36 inch drop test certified, IP54 rated, truck transport vibration, extensive ESD(Electronic Static Discharge) testing, comprehensive mechanical life testing, sealed input or output ports for improved ruggedness, well-suited for in-vehicle environments when used with companion vehicle dock and so on. GoBook MR-1 also encompasses features such as operating system, totally rugged, State-of-the-Art ULV processor, multi-wireless, optional GPS, standard input-output and so on.

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