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500 series loader from Avant Mini Loaders

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The 500 series loader from Avant Mini Loaders includes features such as working efficiency, and maneuverability, ergonomics, safety and versatility. The operator seat in 500 series is positioned in the front part of the machine. The 500 series offers ample space for large operators, well positioned control, good feel on both drive and hydraulic controls, provides safe as well as easy access to driver seat, ROPS safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy.

500 series offers telescopic loader boom that gives more lift height and outreach, unrestricted visibility, boom self levelling makes load handling quicker as well as precise, includes overload warning system, articulated design allows precise sideways moving of the load in tight situation. 500 series from Avant Mini Loaders can handle round bales and big bags, can work in tight situation, stepless hydrostatic transmission and so on. The audible warning signals are heard when the rear wheel are about to lift off the ground.

The power and capabilities in 500 series are well suited for jobs in the farm such as handling of big bags, filling of mixer feeder wagon, silage distribution, handling of wrapped round bales, moving of fertilizer pallets, cleaning and sweeping jobs, demanuring, loading on big and high trailers, construction and estate management.

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